All I wanted to do was to go back home and wash the desert off of me. It had been a long few days on the rig. Although I was based in Cairo on paper, I barely spent any time in the city. …

Quote Credit: C. S Lewis / Photo Credit: Pinterest

It was yet another annoying relative, asking me for the umpteenth time what I wanted to do with my life. I hadn’t got the memo that by the time I was 10 yrs old, I was supposed to have it all figured out. I remember thinking to myself, “I am…

SLB Base in 2009 Kattamia, Cairo (Egypt)

I was suddenly hyper conscious of my 5ft 3in frame amongst the sea of 6ft+, 200lb men towering around me on the rig floor. I had always maintained that I was an average height female.

The company man was screaming instructions at MY crew, in the middle of MY safety…

Kanika Bandanwal

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